Monday, March 10, 2014

Get it together, will ya?...

...I said to myself.
     I've been away from my blog for a while now.  I haven't had the time to sit down and write a word.  Well, honestly, I haven't taken the time to sit down and write anything in a while. In fact, I haven't taken the time to do a whole lot of anything lately.  I have been wearing my winter blues like a turtleneck sweater that I grew out of fifteen years ago.  It's choking me and I am bursting at the seams to get out of this fog I've been in.  Thankfully, my seam ripper works well, and I am almost out of it.  I actually have something that I haven't had in MONTHS.  Gumption.  Yes, I now have a little spark of the old flame starting up again.  And it has my head spinning.  I...hold back your excitement...I actually started and completed a project this weekend!      
     If you know me, then you know that I absolutely LOVE to hang out with my friends and family.  I would have people over to my house each and every weekend... if I felt my home was presentable.  You see, my home is in the huge process of being restyled.  This, of course, since I am the one doing it, is taking a tremendously LONG time.  I have decided to say that I inherited this wonderful gene of procrastination from my dad.  I remember one time my stepmother telling me that she had a leaky faucet...for about six months.  My dad, the plumber, had just kept putting off fixing it.  I asked him why and he said, and I quote, "I don't like to rush things."  That really cracked me up at the time and still does today.  Isn't it true that when you do something for a living, the last thing you want to do when you get home is what you HAVE to do all day at work?  Okay, so what if what you do for a living is AT home?  Should that change your level of procrastination about what really needs to be done?  Well, for me, it obviously doesn't change a thing.  I design and sew for a living and yet, my home is in CHAOS at the moment.
     I went through a phase where I was into very abstract and geometric patterns.  Therefore, my living room was bright yellow with bold red curtains and very wild prints on the furniture and pillows.  Now, I am REALLY into shabby chic.  That is like a 180-degree change from my former style.  This means that EVERYTHING has to be redone.  No, the bright yellow walls do not go at all with the theme I am going for.  No, the chairs that I carefully recovered in the daring black, white, red, and turquoise geometric prints are not the soft and cozy look I am after.  So, my home is a big mish-mash of, as I like to call it, ICK.
     I have slipcovered the loveseat.  That was my starting point.  I bought a few really awesome picture frames at a yard sale (which are now nicely stacked on top of my TV armoire.)   I found a matching set of very expensive (yet I talked them down to $20 for the pair!) lamps at an estate sale.  They have beautiful cream silk shades that are oh, so pretty.  So, one one window I have a bright red curtain, on the opposite window, I have a white curtain.  My walls are eyeball-popping yellow and my lovely cream slipcovered loveseat has a soft floral blanket draped over it ever so gently.  Getting the picture?  This is why no one has been invited to my home lately.
Recently a very dear friend was updating her home and asked if I wanted her sofa.  YES!  I said.  It is very curvy and cozy and it is green and white gingham.  I LOVE it.  Picture THAT with the bright yellow walls and you will see why no one has been asked to come hang out with this mad, mad, crazy decorator.  But, that lovely sofa has inspired me.  I actually went out and bought the fabric to recover the throw pillows on it to match my dream room.  I rearranged the room to get a better flow, and I am slowly but surely working on getting this mess together.  I will share pictures of my journey with you (if I can find the courage to overcome the embarrassment) and maybe you can help inspire me and help me keep going.  Please do.  I miss my friends.


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