Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You Talk Too Much! Homegirl, you NEVER shut up!

This has never been said about me.  Well, once, when my father told me I had diarrhea of the mouth. But I was only 9 at the time.  Since then, everyone says I am quiet and I don't talk much.  Except my best friend.  I guess we do get chatty, but she does most of the talking.  My husband makes a joke of it and tells me to shut up all the time.  I don't know why I keep things inside.  Maybe I think most people would think I was an idiot if I were to let loose with the ramblings of my twisted brain.  I tend to think things are funny in a way that most people might think is really off.  WAY off.  Another reason I might keep quiet is because I really enjoy just taking in what is around me.  I love to soak in the details of the scenery as I ride along in a car, for instance.  My mind goes to so many places when I do this.  I think this drives my husband crazy.  Now, as I think about it, I must be a really boring companion.
The point of all of this rambling is to let you know that that is what I am going to be doing here.  Rambling.  Maybe some of what is inside me will get out and maybe you will find me a really boring companion...or not. You decide.


  1. As your best friend...I take exception to the fact that I do most of the talking..ha ha! You are NOT quiet around are NEVER a boring companion...and I look FORWARD to the ramblings of your lovely, twisted, and ever so amazing brain! So, ramble on my darling friend.

  2. You quiet? I've always thought you were the talkative's talk about Dr. Oz

  3. I admit, I do have a lot to say about my disgust with Dr. Death.

  4. Ro, you DO do most of the talking. LOL
    I'll try not to bore you to tears!

  5. I love it when someone tells it like it is. I do that and it gets me in trouble most of the time. lol So, I tend to be quiet so I don't offend anyone. I find most folks can't handle the truth no matter how sweetly you put it! LOL

    So, there now you know how my mind works! It is the quiet ones you have to watch out for. That is what the friends would always tell my Mother. lol Because, you never know what they are thinking!

    Write on!