Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Thrift Store Makeovers

     I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of money to spend on my wardrobe.  That is why I am so in love with Goodwill's monthly 10 for $10 sale.  Last month I found THIRTEEN tops just my size that look like they have never been worn!!  A few even still had the tags on them.  Ten of them are Liz Claiborne!  I have to say that a few of them are kind of dowdy and matronly and the others are just plain, but that doesn't matter because I have BIG plans for these shirts.  I love Pinterest and all of the fantastic ideas that I find for remaking boring shirts into cute and stylish tops.  I will be posting them as I make them.

Shirt #1-
This one was not one of the Liz and Me shirts.  It  is a brown shirt with long sleeves and it is boring.  The neckline was round and right at my neck........GAG!  I have a really cute peach and brown skirt (also a Goodwill find) that this would go with but it is so shapeless and blah, that I had to do something with it.

    Here is the finished top.  I cut off the sleeves to start with, then I made it a v-neck.  I used the cut-off sleeves to make some thin ruffled strips and some flowers for accessorizing the top.  Finally I gathered the waist with four rows of shirring using elastic thread in my bobbin.  I LOVE IT!!! And it goes PERFECTLY with my cute skirt!    This adorable shirt for only  ONE DOLLAR!!!!

Shirt #2
This one wasn't so plain.  It just seems a little dowdy to me.  I love the teal color but I HATE the collar.  It looks like it would have enough room at the neckline, but the v-neck is closed up----.again-GAG!  I do loved the teal color, though, and really wanted to make it nice.

Here is the result.
Okay, ignore the smirk on my face and my sweaty hair.... it is HOT in south Alabama!

I first cut off the hideous collar, which made it a very nice v-neck.  I used a coordinating cotton print to make a binding for the collar.  This made a really cute feature since I gathered it a little and it pulls nicely in the right way.
Next, I cut a long slit down each arm.  I folded under the edged and sewed down each side.  Then I put a button at the top and down in equal lengths.  Another cute shirt for only ONE DOLLAR!!

I've done some more work and I will be posting pics of them later.  This has me so excited!    The problem is... I don't have enough hangers now!

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