Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrift Store Makeover- Part 2

After a few blissful days of rest and contemplation following our convention this past weekend, I decided to get off my rear and do something.  I wanted to finish one of the Goodwill t-shirts that I started working on a couple of weeks ago.  This shirt was not as ugly as the first two.  It has a nice satin ribbon neckline, but the rest of it is just so blah... So I decided I wanted to try some of the ideas I had found on Pinterest.  Yay, Pinterest!!!  I absolutely love the shirt transformation that was my inspiration for the neckline.  This can be found on Wobisobi HERE.

No Sew Jewelled Halter: T-Shirt DIY

I liked the idea of keeping the neckline intact and then opening up the shoulder area, but my shirt did not have studs on the neckline and I don't have any studs laying around, so I had to come up with something else to add the pizzazz I wanted.

 And then I found this fantastic sleeve idea from Laura on her Creating Laura blog HERE.
No-Sew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves

Hmmm... the wheels were turning now!

So I got out my bland shirt.  Here is what it looked like:

Like I said, the neckline wasn't horrible, but this shirt was boring and had no shape at all.  So I got busy cutting and sewing.

Here is the result:  

See how great it fits now?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt!!! I can't wait to wear it out.  Yay!

I was on such a roll, that I decided to transform ANOTHER shirt today.  I was so intent on creating new clothes today, that I didn't eat.  Now that I have eaten some yummy pizza, I will share my second thrift store makeover with you.

This shirt was not something I would ever wear.  It wasn't hideous, but it's just NOT my style.  Well, actually it WAS hideous.
I was particularly NOT into the collar.  I don't like that it was so shapeless, either.
By now you must realize that I am into off-the-shoulder tops.  Not being so happy with my arms, I do not want to wear sleeveless shirts.  Therefore, I want something that covers me and still is cool and has some style.  MY style.  
We all need a girlie-girl shirt, don't we?  This is my version of that. Here is my new transformation:

I absolutely love the shoulder straps and the lettuce hem.  Regardless of the fact that my son said I look like a farm girl, I think it is feminine and it just makes me feel pretty.  I needed that today.  :)

I didn't take pictures throughout the process, but if you have any questions about how to redo your shirts, please let me know.


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